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|||| (Four) Interactive Installation (WIP)

Role​: Interactive Artist  /   Personal

|||| is an immersive and interactive artistic installation, which aims to focus the attention on the environmental impact generated by human activities in nature through the symbolic use of the for classical elements (Fire, Earth, Wind and Water). Through this immersive and interactive video projection work, the installation aims to highlight how the use and abuse of natural resources can have a devastating effect on our world and how, at the same time, the individual influences their relationship with each natural element. This work is inspired by the notion that individual actions may seem insignificant in the scheme of things but in reality every person is interconnected with the ecosystem and has a direct influence, on it through their daily choices.

First Prototype

The initial concept included four interactive totems, with each one representing an element. The totems had engraved animations that would change in speed and color based on the user's distance from them. The intention was to reflect the shift between states of calm and balance versus hectic and out of balance as the user approached each totem. However, this idea was soon abandoned because the medium couldn't effectively display more information within the given states.

Second Prototype

(Unreal Setup & Gameplay)

The second prototype involved creating a VR scene within Unreal Engine, faithfully recreating the initial concept. Here, I was able to iteratively test and refine the proposed interaction, integrating sound, movement, and post-processing effects for a more immersive experience. This demonstrated the idea's feasibility and sparked a new direction—how to translate this virtual experience into a physical environment. As a result, the final form of the installation was born, combining the insights gained from both the physical and virtual experimentations with innovative design for a captivating real-world experience. 

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