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"The Stage"- Pop Up Store

Role​: Motion Art Director  /    For: COACH 

Coach took over the Isetan Stage in Shinkjuku, Japan for the second year in a row. Customization was the focus for the pop-up with one-off embellishments being specifically created for the event. The design and experience challenge was to find a narrative that built on top of the existing Coach Create offering within the retail fleet and resonated with this luxury customer.

Ipad screens for the pop-up store.

The idea

We developed an iPad experience that live streamed to the wall and allowed the customers to sign their one-of-a-kind design and pose for a photo showing it off.

We wanted any technology to be invisible to the customer so all of the crafted interactions were hidden from sight, and leverage RFID allowed us to position antennas and readers at specific locations, so once triggered the customers environment would magically change around them, giving them that surprise factor that we were after.


We created a number of videos that reacted to the RFID that transitioned to build the backdrop for a highly shareable moment.

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