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Role​: Motion Art Director  /    For: COACH 

To support Michael B Jordan’s first collection with Coach we decided to celebrate its Anime influences. Developing an immersive, gesture-led gaming experience, utilizing a mixture of technology frameworks as Coach customers became "Students". Just as their hero Naruto had to, Students were tasked with trying to graduate from "The Academy" at the base of Hokage Mountain.

Pose rotation

"Students" were tasked to follow Naruto and attempt to perform poses of increasing complexity as they experience his Ninja Training first hand. With a gaming engine built in, the quicker Students were to complete poses the more points they scored–shooting them up the scoreboard.

Naruto Poses

To celebrate successfully completed Jutsu during the game, we developed a number of animation sequences influenced by the anime show.


At the end of the game, the user received a video of them doing a Jutsu which we encouraged them to share on their social media channels

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