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Nico Vasquez on set. Animation, video, post production.


Motion Art Director & Designer  /  Post-Production.

Hi! My name is Nicolás Vásquez, I have worked 8+ years implementing forward-thinking motion projects for a variety of top-level clients including Pepsi, Coach NY, FENDI, JKR, Burger King, Palantir, and Accenture, among others, honing my expertise in live action, motion graphics, and animation.

I have been responsible for creating a variety of content at speed, including live action, stop motion, motion graphics and animation for web, in-store, social, OOH, as well as market-specific content. These projects ranged from full scale ground-up initiatives, conceptualizing creative from scratch through production and post, as well as building from existing assets to create fresh compelling content.

Having recently completed my Master's degree in Interactive Design, I have expanded my knowledge and possibilities to drive the design field and my career into the future. My goal is to collaborate with forward-thinking studios and directors who share my vision, creating cutting-edge projects that blend technology, design, and storytelling.

If you are a studio or director seeking collaboration, let's connect and explore how we can work together to bring innovative and immersive projects to life. Let's shape the future of motion and interactive design together!


Client Pepsi
Client Coach New York


Client Veuve Clicquot
Client Refinery 29
Client Burger King
Client Atari
Client Fendi Roma
Client Skypie
Client Pac Man
Client Movado
Client W Magazine
Client USA Today
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